The importance of the bar for your event and the bartender

Posted on July 31st, 2022.

You might have surely come across this perfect meme, which perfectly describes why you need alcohol to enjoy.

“I hate when people say you don’t need alcohol to have fun, you don’t need running shoes to run, but it helps”

So why not add that bit of a booze to your event and make it fun!

No great story started with a salad!

Yes, we have no great memoirs that quoted “let’s have fun over a plate of salad”. You have a wonderfully organized event and sure enough people are loving it. But, a little fun does no harm, right? Create that perfect atmosphere for guests in the event and have a specialised bar for them to chill out.

Why not make it more fun and let them spread words about your party?

Promote your business

Business is all about attracting the audience. You might have seen those luring sales in the shopping malls, those free coupons you get on your every purchase and the one-on-one drinks in the bars. What is all this about? Well, it’s just a way to promote your business.

And one clever trick you can use to promote your event is to make it more happening. Have a bar and the perfect bartender to keep your guests occupied.

Make it a show

It’s your show and you are running it. Create a special corner for that fascinating bar in the event. Get a special menu with all sorts of drinks, cocktails, mocktails and so much more. And getting a bartender is a must for this show. You might have seen crazy videos of bartenders showing off their unimaginable skills. Let it happen at your event this time.

With every great fun comes great responsibility

Not everything is all sweet an cute until you have a drunk guest. Chances are the they may all together ruin your dream event. You, being the host, need to save your show.

  • Be ready with a remedy

If you witness the situation getting out of hand, be ready to dive in. Already have pre-prepared drinks or remedies that may prevent them from puking at your place.

  • Keep an eye

You may keep a bouncer at your party. Yes, not to throw the guests out, but to keep an eye on the drunkards. If you think the situation may further go wrong, do not hesitate from intimating the guests to not drink anymore.

  • Serve limited alcohol

You may limit the time of the alcohol being served or limit the alcohol itself. Keep a tab on the number of drinks allowed per person and serve accordingly.

  • Serve food as well

Just don’t depend on a bar and a bartender to make your event more lively. Surprise your guests with food and enjoy non-alcoholic drinks too. It will give them time to stay away from alcohol.

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